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Toms Nice Hat 1. Toms Nice Hat
A picture of Tom's hat... oh, and tom is there too. 100%
Tom... Pre-fire 2. Tom... Pre-fire
After a little help from some flammable fluid, Tom lights the fire 100%
Tom... Post Fire 3. Tom... Post Fire
Tom successfully lights the fire... though, I think the lighter fluid had more to do with it... 100%
A Feather in his Cap 4. A Feather in his Cap
Tom, looking snazzy as always 100%
One Thumb Up 5. One Thumb Up
Good way to block your face 100%
I Know Her 6. I Know Her
Finally got Sanda's picture! 100%
Is that a Moustache 7. Is that a Moustache
This guy can grow facial hair 100%
Let me touch your nose 8. Let me touch your nose
Come on, it won't hurt 100%
Eating the Chocolate Bar 9. Eating the Chocolate Bar
A little game to see who eats the mars bar 100%
I'll have some French Toast 10. I'll have some French Toast
Dig in, there's plenty for everyone 100%
Catch the Pillow 11. Catch the Pillow
Catch the pillow and say the person's name 100%
Going outside to play 12. Going outside to play
Getting ready for some outdoor fun 100%
On our way to Tim Hortons 13. On our way to Tim Hortons
A few of us decide to go for coffee 100%
Nice Lighter 14. Nice Lighter
Lighter? What are you going to use that for? 100%
SPEW Group Photo 15. SPEW Group Photo
A group photo in the snow before we leave 100%
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