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Socks and Vicky 1. Socks and Vicky
Vicky contemplates while socks warm by the fire 100%
Bride or Groom? 2. Bride or Groom?
Darcy ushers Vicky to her seat 100%
Look ma, twins! 3. Look ma, twins!
Kirk and Vicky, brother and sister 100%
Mmm... Candy Canes 4. Mmm... Candy Canes
Happy to get a little Christmas Gift 100%
It is raining inside? 5. It is raining inside?
Is it bad luck to wear a rain cap inside? 100%
It's not raining inside 6. It's not raining inside
Posing in the Kitchen 100%
Eating the Chocolate Bar 7. Eating the Chocolate Bar
A little game to see who eats the mars bar 100%
On our way to Tim Hortons 8. On our way to Tim Hortons
A few of us decide to go for coffee 100%
Nice Lighter 9. Nice Lighter
Lighter? What are you going to use that for? 100%
SPEW Group Photo 10. SPEW Group Photo
A group photo in the snow before we leave 100%
Please sign the book 11. Please sign the book
The girls make sure everyone sign Dorothy's Guestbook 100%
You are in the Way 12. You are in the Way
Ian moves into the picture at the last minute 100%
Now stay put this time 13. Now stay put this time
Ian stays out of the picture this time 100%
SPEW Wedding Photo 1 14. SPEW Wedding Photo 1
Wow... the group has grown over the years 100%
SPEW Wedding Photo 2 15. SPEW Wedding Photo 2
Another picture of the Group 100%
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