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Wes and Ktichen Staff 1. Wes and Ktichen Staff
Wes tries to get extra food from the Kitchen Staff 100%
Party Guy Wes 2. Party Guy Wes
Wes celebrates at the 60s Party 100%
Wes' True Personality 3. Wes' True Personality
Wes dresses normally for Ritz n Joes 100%
Swinging High 4. Swinging High
Campers and Wes take turns on the Swings 100%
Do you know how to swing? 5. Do you know how to swing?
Wes looks confused on what to do 100%
I'm a lumberjack.. 6. I'm a lumberjack..
Wes would rather be a lumberjack than be in a skit 100%
Hiking to Haldimand II 7. Hiking to Haldimand II
Wes leads at the front of the line 100%
Just Standing Around 8. Just Standing Around
A few friends just standing around 100%
Presenting to the Group 9. Presenting to the Group
Displaying her groups work to the rest of us 100%
I'm laying them DOWN 10. I'm laying them DOWN
Campers sing and do actions for Worship 100%
Y M C A 11. Y M C A
Some leaders lead us in the Y M C A song 100%
Party in full Swing 12. Party in full Swing
All the campers and leaders having fun during the 60s party 100%
Waiting for the Chorus 13. Waiting for the Chorus
Waiting for the YMCA part to come up again 100%
Flowers for my Date 14. Flowers for my Date
Dan brings her flowers for the Banquet 100%
Sitting and Listening 15. Sitting and Listening
Richard talks during church 100%
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