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Part of Main ImageToys R Us Not Accepting Lego Coupon 

Don't Trust Toys R Us to Honour their Coupons

At the beginning of November, I purchased $50 of Lego merchandise, and received a $10 discount card to buy lego merchandise.

Toys R Us Lego Discount Card - Not honoured The Terms of the Card were:

  • Spend $50 (before taxes) on Lego
  • Buy between Nov. 16-29, 2009

I Followed the Terms, Toys R Us did NOT

On November 18, I went to St. Catharines Toys R Us to buy:

Lego Alarm Clock Lego Alarm Clock

Lego Lantern Lego Lantern

At checkout, the manager said that the coupon could only be used for Lego Brick Sets, not other Lego merchandise.

Coupon Doesn't Specify Lego Sets Only

I pointed out that the card:

  1. Specifed Lego/Lego Items, and nowhere stated 'just Lego Brick Sets'
  2. Noted that only Lego Video Games were excluded

The manager did no care about the terms. She turned away and dismissed me.

Toys R Us hasn't Responded

I emailed Toys R Us Customer Service, and have yet to receive a reply from them.

Wtih the amount of money I spend on Lego each year (over $2000 in 2009) they have lost a profitable customer. Although, no matter how much someone spends, they are in violation of their offer.

The LEGO Company should not do business with this company if Toys R Us cannot honour their coupons.

Buy at Walmart - It's cheaper

Last night, I was at Walmart and realized that their non-sale Lego prices are ALL cheaper than Toys R Us anyways.

So, if you're buying Lego, save the hassle and buy at Walmart instead.

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